“We’ve got something to say…
It's better to burn out than fade away!”


Hi-Fi Candle Studio was created in February 2019 by husband and myself. We are fanatical about candles and music, and definitely have a special affection for 1980’s pop culture. Especially when it comes to music! 

My husband Mal is our Wax Philosopher -- which means he is the Captain of candle studio, pouring every candle by hand. Mal was born and raised in Minneapolis in a world colored with musical influence early on by his mother and his aunts. Two of his aunts performed as a duo on a country music TV show called the Sunset Valley Barn Dance, while touring the Midwestern United States shortly after World War II ended. They met many country superstars of the time period, and loved to share stories of their time with the Barn Dance. In his teenage years, Mal discovered his own musical favorites, and considers himself “raised on radio” (bonus points if you get that reference!) He was inspired to pursue a degree in broadcasting. While he enjoys podcasts, sports and other genres of music, he still thinks 80’s music is the best!

Mal as a lil' boy

Meanwhile, I (Jenn, the Brand Boss and Creator) was growing up in Arizona, a young dreamer who was also falling in love with music. When I was about 8 years old, my parents bought a huge hi-fi system with a slick turntable and speakers almost as tall as I was. I was hooked. From that point on, if there was a dollar in my pocket it didn’t last long, as I'd beg for a ride to the local music shop to buy my new favorite single (on 7" vinyl, of course). I also began to consume music videos and radio every waking hour, as well as collect magazines, posters, and most of all -- concert tickets. I'm not sure of the exact number, but I estimate that I've seen nearly 170 live concerts in my lifetime, and hundreds of bands. I'm proud to say that my t-shirt and guitar pick collections are pretty awesome!

Jenn as a lil' girl

Mal and I didn't know each other growing up. He was raised in Minnesota, and I in a remote area near the Navajo reservation in Arizona. As fate would have it, we were brought together in 1999 by the miracle of the internet, meeting on an email list for our favorite band, Def Leppard. We've been inseparable ever since!

The resurgence of vinyl in the last few years has been a significant source of joy for us. Each year we make our plan to head out on Record Store Day, hunting for the latest release from our favorite artists. We are finally building our dream record collection!


We have used and loved candles for years. But candle making? Well, that is a new thing for us. 

A hobby that began because in late 2018, when Mal began experiencing serious episodes of vertigo. Throughout his career, he has worked long hours in front of a computer screen, earning a living by producing digital products like video games and websites. Since light and noise can sometimes trigger vertigo, it was time for Mal to seek a hobby that he would enjoy and that would demand less screen time. Mal immersed himself in his candle education, savoring the idea that he was finally creating a product he could hold in his hands and proudly share with others. 

Mal rockin' the Leppard

We had many epic brainstorming sessions, considering deeply what we are most passionate about. The answer was music. As we learned the art of candlemaking, our passion for candles grew, too. We made a plan to convert our garage into a state of the art candle studio, and it's been awesome! Mal enjoys using his hands and the satisfaction that comes with making something new and wonderful. Jenn enjoys working with our graphic designer to design labels, and she loves testing and creating fragrances inspired by her favorite records. Once things fell into place, every cabinet in the house was full of candles that we had to do something with, so Mal (ever the entrepreneur) thought "Time to start selling them or we'll have to move!" 


We create these candles for our fellow music lovers who amplify their joy with candles. If scents make you feel nostalgic, we think you'll love the sentimental familiarity of our candle fragrances and our wooden wicks. Much like the delightful pops and crackles you experience listening to a vintage vinyl record, these wicks bring cozy, happy vibes! 

Jenn rockin' the KISS

We are new to this art and still have much to learn. It didn’t take long to realize that there's a lot of competition in the handmade candle business, and that it will take hard work and sensational products to get noticed. While we work on that, we will look to you for feedback on what makes you passionate about candles, and what you feel would make our products, our website, and our scents better. Drop us a line and share your thoughts with us!