Wood wicks are better than cotton

If someone describes their handmade, hand-poured candle as a luxury item and it doesn’t have a wood wick, put it back on the shelf or empty your shopping basket. It’s not luxe. 

Why wood wicks matter: Consumers are paying premium prices for candles made with low-quality, unsustainable materials that are harmful to the environment. This is a damaging trend that needs to stop. 

  • Pure luxury and indulgence: Cotton wicks are the candles you find in dollar stores. If you’re buying a luxe candle -- its materials and ingredients should be the very best.
  • Organic and natural: If those words are important to you then you can’t get more organic and natural than a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable wood wick.
  • Cotton is rotten: Wicks made of cotton are from a pesticide-intensive crop that requires industrial fertilizers, which in turn release large amounts of carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change and water pollution.
  • Burn baby burn: Wood wicks burn cleanly and are easier to maintain. There are no downsides like wick mushrooming and drooping like with cotton wicks.  
  • Trendsetter: Wood wicks rank as one of the top candle trends in 2019. The other candle trends include personalized touches, subscription boxes, nostalgic scents, and unique vessels. 

Trustworthy candlemakers: Not all companies cut corners, Hi-Fi Candle Studio go out of their way to use only premium natural materials, and the $5 priority shipping on all orders is pretty sweet.

A better candle experience: Don’t take our word for it, in a consumer-facing study, 96% of consumers said wood wick candles are more calming than cotton wicks. Plus 92% of consumers stated wood wick candles create more ambiance. 

  • Light of day: When lit a wood wick comes to life with soft glows, a wide flickering flame and soft sounding crackles -- just like a vinyl record. The crackle and glow give wood wick candles an ambience -- romantic, warming, and welcoming. 
  • Wonderful bouquetWhen scented wax melts more evenly the fragrance is released up to 35% more quickly. Gone are the days where a lit candle needs hours to fill the room with a scent.

Final thoughts: So, be a wood wick snob like us and go beyond picking just scents you love, buy candles made with the best materials -- you and your home deserve it.