COVID-19: Our Promise To Take Care

Hi-Fi Candle Studio is quite literally a “mom + pop” shop, run solely by myself (Jenn) and my devoted hubby, Mal. Like all of you, we find ourselves in challenging times for our business, but we feel very grateful for the kindness, generosity + encouragement we receive every day from our family, our friends, and you, our customers.

From the beginning, we set our safety + cleanliness standards very high for our studio to ensure the well-being of our customers. We carry these high standards in our home, as well. In the interest of transparency, we want you to know that we are following the CDC's recommendations regarding COVID-19, including the following:

  • We continue our standard procedure of vigorous hand washing and sanitizing prior to making, shipping or handling any of our candle inventory or supplies.
  • No one is permitted to enter the studio other than myself (I handle labeling and shipping duties) and Mal (who makes each candle by hand). We use gloves as often as possible throughout the process of making + shipping our handmade candles to you. While shipments are picked up by mail carriers on our property, they never enter our workspace.
  • We are keeping isolated at home as much as possible to limit potential exposure. Our studio is attached to our home, and we are fortunate as it helps us maintain maximum control over our workspace. We vow to remain in production ONLY as we both remain healthy and free of symptoms.
  • Our suppliers are trusted and are keeping equally vigilant. We are thankful that they are also located in less populated areas with a lower concentration of illness at this point. We are monitoring supplier areas and if this changes, we will re-evaluate and do whatever necessary to maintain the health of our customers.
  • We continue to include free Priority Mail shipping with all orders and strive to ship within 24 hours of order placement. However, we ask for your patience if you experience any delays in delivery, as our postal system in the United States is bearing a heavy burden, and they’ve informed us that extra delivery time may be required. You are always welcome to reach out to us for a status update at
We feel very blessed + honored that you’d choose us to send yourself or someone you love some candle comfort in these times of uneasiness and stress. You rock our world, so please take care of yourself + stay well.

Give love,
Jenn + Mal